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Know What You Want

Before you look for a job, we help you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. The better you understand yourself, the chance will be higher to find an exciting new career.



People often ignore it, but networking has a great significance in the job hunt. Thus, it is crucial to stay in touch with people who can help you with your job search.


Search Right Companies

Shortlist the companies you like and read their reviews. It will help you know about the company culture, interview process, and you can even find out what salary can expect.


Focus on Resume

The resume is one of the most vital tools of a job search. Carefully read the words and phrases used in the job description and try to use them in your resume.

What are you looking for?

We provide information on resume writing, psychometric testing, outplacement services and workshops.

    Careers That Go Provides every possible information to the
    jobseekers that can help them to find their dream job.

    3 Common Mistakes Jobseekers Make

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    Fantastic group of engineering consultants, very knowledgeable. 6
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    Fantastic group of engineering consultants, very knowledgeable. 9

    Upcoming Workshops & Events You Must Attend

    3rd Feb, 2023

    Resume Writing

    Venue: Sydney

    2nd March, 2023

    Career Counselling (Science)
    Venue: Gold Coast

    14th April, 2023

    Career Counselling (Math & Engineering)

    Venue: Perth

    Specialised Advisors

    We have a team of highly qualified professionals who have profound experience in their respective field.


    Melinda Warner

    She is the hiring manager of an interior designing company in Sydney. She has helped numerous people who are perusing this field.

    Stanley Smith

    A senior finance expert by profession, Stanley work in Australia’s stock exchange. He shares his experience, advice and tips with the youngsters.

    Rodger Lillee

    A senior software developer in Brisbane, Rodger provide useful information through Careers That Go so that everyone can get what they are looking for.

    John Harvey

    A career consultant with an experience of more than 14 years, John pinpoint the mistakes that youngsters usually make and teach them how to rectify the problems.

    Why we are Reliable?

    The combination of our expertise and our positive approach make us so different

    We care about every individual who is looking for a job in Australia. Careers That Go connect with people either in person, via email or over the phone (whatever suits the best). We have a team of recruiters who can help you find the right job in sectors like Healthcare/Medical, IT, Hospitality, Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Consultancy, Marketing, and much more. Our profound knowledge, experienced and dedication allows people to trust us whenever it comes to establishing a great career in the competitive employment sector. We have emerged as a renowned name where jobseekers get what they are searching for in a safe and sound manner. We can go above and beyond their expectations because career is one of the key aspects that determine your fate. You can reach us and know more about our services.
    We deliver useful and accurate information so that you can achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

    “Our entire team feel proud whenever we help someone to go for an interview, get a job, get shortlisted through their online profile and negotiate a salary.”
    – Daniel Smith (Founder of Careers That Go)

    What Makes Us Different?

    Numerous factors set us apart from the competition. Two of the most vital elements are our client-centric approach and success rate. We follow a strategy that helps us to understand the specific requirement of every individual, and thus, we are capable of providing the solution accordingly. Our experts from different industry make people aware of the latest developments in their respective field so that every job seekers can make better choices. At careersthatgo, we have successfully provided more than 82% of the jobseekers their dream job in Australia.


    Our Recent Events and Seminars

    We are conducting various seminars at different places across the nation. These events have helped job seekers and students to identify the right path for them.

    Our Values

    Career Counselling

    We provide quality information and vital tips on career counselling & coaching. We make sure to provide you with the information that can help you identify the courses, jobs and careers that suit you the best. We are a medium that gives you the knowledge and the tool you are required to achieve the career goals. Our advisors have profound experience in their respective field (medical, media, art, music, machinery) and have helped thousands of job seekers to find the right job. They advise people at their different stages of a career like a university student, people looking to change career, people looking for a particular course to improve, professionals who want to move up, etc.

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    We are providing information and tips on interview coaching career advice, career counselling for the last nine years!

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