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No, there is no annual charge or joining fees in Careers That Go. This is a platform to help the job seekers and educate them through tips, expert advice and useful information. So, our primary objective is to provide information to individuals and not making money. We believe in contributing to society.

No, we do not focus on any particular field. Instead, we provide information on every possible career options in Australia. From Advertising, Art and Media to Accounting, Banking and Financial Service, Legal, Medical, Design and Architecture, we give importance to every segment.

You can quickly get information about a specific job profile from our website. Moreover, you can also contact us by sending your queries to us through email or call our professionals. Apart from these options, we can also learn about your preferred job profile in our workshops and seminars. Our experienced volunteers provide information on various segments.

It is easy to join us and become a volunteer at Careers That Go. All you need to do is to go to our website, go to the contact us page and provide some necessary details like name, age, profession, total job experience, and how you can help people to get them their dream job. After that our professionals will call you for further formalities.

Gain knowledge about human resource management, by completing a Bachelor of Business (HR Management) or a Diploma course in HR Management. It will develop skills in talent management, industrial relations, recruitment, effective workplace relationships and diversity and inclusion.

First, you need to complete a Bachelor in Dental Science or Bachelor in Dental Surgery. If a student already has qualifications in a related field, apply for a postgraduate in dental medicine. Always remember that if you need to register with the Dental Board of Australia if you want to practice as a dentist in Australia. It is a legal obligation that you have to accept.

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